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1. Shared Value Canvas

This handbook is your introduction to shared value. The shared value canvas is a startup tool that extends the ‘lean canvas’  to include social impact. The aim is to enable businesses to document their business plan on a single page. 

This handbook teaches you the ins and outs of developing the canvas and will walk you through each step. We’ll also ensure you get the most out of your canvas through a series of validation processes.

2. Disruptors Canvas

This handbook will introduce you to the Disruptor's 'lean canvas', a startup tool used to help new businesses document their business plan on a single page. The aim is to enable businesses to document their business plan on a single page.

This handbook will break down every step of the lean canvas process, from assessing your assumptions to validating your completed canvas.


3. Key Themes and Messages

The Key Themes and Messages handbook is designed to establish and develop the key themes and messages of your business. It will help you find or create a ‘through line’ for your messaging that will act as a baseline for your story telling, positioning and marketing. 

These key themes and messages create a structured way to talk about your business, project or offering. They are constructed in a way that allows you to explain why your business or offering is the best solution to a problem using a vision, mission, messaging and themes.

4. Universal Pitch Deck

The Universal Pitch Deck handbook gives you a simple but concentrated deck that can be used as a way to walk potential clients or stakeholders through a solution.

This naked deck allows you to create a unique narrative around your solution that you can easily build upon over time. 

5. Three Metrics that Matter

This handbook is designed for innovators, entrepreneurs and 'intrapreneurs'. It is particularly useful for those who have launched a business or project are seeking to understand which metrics and measurements are the most important for their ongoing success.

This handbook will teach you about the four benefits of a focused metrics plan, why these metrics matter and the three key metrics and examples of when and how to use these in practice.

6. Mapping Buying Personas

This handbook covers topics such as how to create buyer personas and interview questions to help you begin profiling. As well as including sample persona templates to help get you started with the mapping process.

The Mapping Buying Personas handbook aims to help create buyer personas in order to develop an understanding of audiences, honing in on their specific pain points, needs and triggers.

7. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the opposite of the strategic approach we usually recommend for building marketing-led innovation. However, we know that it is a vital aspect of any business’ success. Growth hacking means that your ONLY focus is business growth.

The handbook helps you understand how you can align growth with your strategic vision and build both metrics and team dynamics to support your growth.

8. Your Buyer's Journey

Get to grips with mapping a customer journey with this simple explanation of the process.

9. Wireframes and Storytelling

The Wireframing and Storytelling handbook covers the first steps of prototyping your thinking and ideas. It’s all about ‘doing’ and testing your ability to be agile.

This handbook helps you to develop prototypes through wireframes by merging agile thinking and designed together. We also help you create wireframes by providing you with our favourite tools and techniques, and going hi-fi.

10. Lean Marketing Plan

Lean marketing applies startup ideologies to marketing goals, shifting business focus and efforts through prioritisation and planning.

This handbook prepares readers for the processes and changes needed to make lean marketing work for a business. It provides a vital framework to bring your innovation to market. 

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With the Disruptors Kickstarter bundle, you have access to a ten step guide to taking your idea from business model to launch.

Each handbook in the bundle provides step by step guidance for the novice and experienced innovator alike, moving from business modeling through metrics, persona and customer journey mapping to planning your marketing.



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